Signal loss from Stealth Wireless

I purchased stealth wireless from guitar center few months ago, it keeps cutting off, losing signal and connection. I have changed channels, moved speakers closer, same problem. Any suggestion or help
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  • Hello,

    I would like to help. Review this FAQ
    to help out with your Stealth Wireless. If after reviewing this FAQ you cannot resolve your symptoms then let me know.
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  • I’m sad
    Similar Problem with an eu-frequency (863-865MHz) based Unit:
    i've had tested (bought and sent back) now 4 brand new different units of Alto Stealth Wireless System:

    The Idea is wonderful, and WITHOUT people in the room i'm able to reach the named distance at really clear sound!

    But: Everytime when just a few people dancing or standing BETWEEN transmitter and receiver (distance may be only 5-10m) then the speaker produces 'dropouts'. Not any loud noise, but seemes the speaker looses connection for a second or the receiver get's an interference and reduces output for this time?

    Setting another channel oder changing the squelch level does also not solve the problem.

    What can i do? Maybe is planned to equip the system with another frequency in the near future for the german/eu market? I heard maybe LTE-frequency test's could cause the described trouble?
    • Hello J,

      Thanks for posting. I'd like to help you out. Here are some FAQ questions that may help you with your dropouts. Try this out and let me know how it goes.

      What is the range of the Alto Stealth Wireless receivers?

      The wireless signal range replaces wired runs of up to 200 feet from console to receivers eliminating the need for complicated or unsightly cable runs, regardless of the venue. There’s no need to snake, secure, or hide any cabling during set up. After the show, simply disconnect the system and be on your way—no more tedious cable coiling at the end of the night.

      The audio signal is weak or is a poor quality signal. What can I do?

      First, make sure that there are no objects (computers, walls, pipes, etc.) between the transmitter and the receivers. Also, make sure that both the transmitter and the receiver are set to the same channel.

      If you are still getting a poor signal, be sure that the receiver antennas are not touching each other and that there are at least 10 feet of separation between the transmitter and the receivers. Make sure that no other devices are sending a signal on the same channel and any other audio cables are away from the antennas. Try changing the channel that the transmitter and the receiver are on (to the same alternate channel). You can also adjust the squelch control setting. The squelch control setting provides better protection against interference but may also reduce signal range, so keep that in mind as you are adjusting it.
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