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Kick 15 saves the day

I recently did a gig that had a house PA system. The club changed managers so I had little to no communication on what they had for a system or monitors. I brought my Kick 15 just in case. I'm glad I did the monitors were in poor condition. I sent the stereo XLR direct outs to the snake and mixed the whole gig from the kick 15. I could hear myself perfect. The house system wasn't that great so the Kick 15 actually covered the room almost by itself. I use an electric guitar set up with a Sans Amp Fly Rig 5 and some effects, an acoustic 12 string, vocal mic, a Samsung tablet for backing tracks, an iPod into the aux input for intermission music and a back up unit to the Samsung should something go wrong. I ordered another Kick 15 I may stack them and use one as a master. I may even use the two as a stand alone PA for small gigs. It is an easy set up.